About Us

What is @LarkinLabs

sfnewsletterLarkin@LarkinLabs is a transformative vehicle which will allow us to pursue ideas to change the world around us. We will work to conduct multidisciplinary research, including social media, mobile technology, and innovative wearables technologies in Heathcare.

Our goal is to enhance our ability to understand and improve individual and population health behaviors, and outcomes through direct evidence-based interventions.

Our vision is to bring cutting edge insight to the study of all aspects involved in daily life, and analyzing the data in order to improve health. At the center of it all will be our proprietary artificial intelligence system, Hippokrates, which will analyze the data and help us discover innovative solutions.

We will perform innovative research on all aspects of health…

  • Monitoring of vitals data available through existing wearables and Inhouse telemetry
  • Responding promptly to high profile health events on an individual basis (autonomously)
  • Create innovative healthcare devices in order to allow for a more streamlined approach at remote healthcare/wellness monitoring
  • Make available technologies which allow for an “accessible anywhere, everywhere” approach at healthcare monitoring and emergency response through in-house and partner Application Programming Interfaces

Our studies and breakthroughs will advance public initiatives to improve individual and population health behaviors and outcomes and develop as well as facilitate the adoption of globally accessible technologies and tools to better understand and serve the needs of our patients.