Medical Device Innovation


With changing technologies also comes change in the hardware to host said technologies.  @LarkinLabs dedicated development team creates for a way to allow our local healthcare communities to stay up to the latest and greatest in healthcare innovations and take full strides in the involvement in creation of devices that would allow for global change in a more efficient, effective and accessible healthcare program.


The sky is the limit… With technologies accessible such as Big Data Concepts, always available data networks, anywhere available medical networks and the ability of those involved in creation of said technologies we no longer have limits with what is possible in the world of medical devices.  29% of the global population admits that the first and last things they do in a day are looking/using their phone.

With the “adaptation” to technologies on a minute by minute basis, introducing an addition to an already accepting society becomes easy and in most cases very beneficial when the device is geared at promoting better health.  Wearables are becoming more and more intertwined into people’s lives which is causing for a global awareness of what we are capable of, @LarkinLabs looks to present all of this on a feasible, community based level.

Want to find out more about some of the advancements we are making in Medical Devices and Wearables? Get in touch with us to become involved and make a difference, also, feel free to look through our current trials which covers all publicly available concepts we at @LarkinLabs are involved in.